Hey There! I’m Janiece!

I am a wife and digital technologist who shares transparent business lessons and life experiences with small business owners and curious minds.

At the age of 20, I founded a print magazine where I brought together exclusive talent from all over the world (literally) and published intercultural stories. I had no idea that my humble hobby would not only pave my future career but would lay the foundation for every other project ahead. Later, I founded a successful natural hair product line that uniquely was 100% handmade and my most profitable venture yet but found the operational areas more draining than joyful. Fast forward to present day and you will find me happily married to an incredibly handsome Nigerian man and cuddled up on an XL couch with my pint sized puppy writing about the entrepreneurial ride. All of my 2nd grade MASH games never predicted just how incredible my life would be.

Over the years, I’ve launched two profitable companies and somehow in the middle of it all found my true passion: digital strategy and satisfying my intrigue.

I should have known that the 5th grade girl who decided to make Homecoming mums – designs to profit margins – would become an entrepreneur one day.

The same thing still brings me joy – growing my brand, enjoying my God-inspired ideas and helping you do the same.